Wearing Makeup Again and Absolutely Loving the Shiseido

When was the last time I looked at a makeup product?! I checked it. It was February 2020-a year ago!) It’s hard to judge anything if you don’t use it, and makeup is something I’ve left for most of a year.

But recently I decided to put a little when I go outside, just to keep my hand in, and my eye came across a bath of minimalist Shiseido whipped powder Blush I bought 2 years back and never used it. Thanks, lock LOL!

Well, I’m here to tell you that if you’re also starting to get back on the makeup bike, and looking for a beautiful, easy-to-use blush, I’d highly recommend this one from Shiseido-totally blown away!

Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush
This product is a mousse-type blush, with a slight marshmallow texture. It comes in a small glass jar that is very portable, and very tight.

It was one of the first products to be launched when Shiseido renewed its makeup line a year or two ago. Then I bought a bath of their blushes. Of course I had to get a blush-I’m a sucker for blush LOL!

The texture is that of a dry foam with a powder texture. It really feels like you’re touching a marshmallow. You might see a crack in my blush. This is because he was left out for a while. However, what surprised me most was the fact that it did not dry up.

If there is something, it is as beautiful and fluffy as the day I bought it!

The best way to apply Shiseido Minimalist Blush Whipped Powder

I tried applying blush in a few ways, but I found that the best way to apply the Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush is to use a brush.

This is the same way I apply a liquid or cream blush when I used it.

In fact, I shared this advice in 2013! It’s 2021 today, and I’m still using the same trick, which will show that if it works, it works!

I like to use a smaller blush brush (natural or synthetic hair is fine) with a fluffy but dense head. Then I lightly dab it on the surface of the blush, and quickly dab and blend on the cheeks. Repeat if necessary.

God, it’s pigmented!

The first thing I noticed when I applied the blush was, My God! It’s pigmented! Because, it is!

I think using a brush helps distribute the color more evenly and control it more easily. If you have fingers, which you can use, the color can drop a little more fragmented.

This is what Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush looks like in Sonoya 01. It is described as a hot pink, which is very accurate. Potted, and if you steel, you will notice a few sparks. However, it is very subtle and on the cheeks, not at all sparkling.

In fact, I do not notice the shine on the cheeks. Maybe it adds that small 3-dimensional appearance to the skin so that it is not too flat. Very nice.

I only used the smaller discs to show the color, which is quite impressive. This especially, because I haven’t worn a lot of makeup recently, so seeing color on my skin is rather surprising LOL!

The texture dries to that of a powder, so I don’t have any fat on my skin that can sometimes come with cream blush products. It is very transparent and fits perfectly into the skin, so it looks more natural.

I can’t really guarantee a long life since I don’t wear makeup for long hours anymore. I have drier skin, so I don’t know how it will go with the more oily skin types. But I think it’s going to be ok.

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