My Favourite Makeup Collection Is Here

I should add that I’m feeling a little bit of beauty. The composition of skin care products that I can handle, before it begins to overcome. and before they look the same.

The Make-Up collection of Chanel Les Beiges.

Van Chanel’s beiges collection is always like a relief, with its predictability fr basic, neutral, tones. In many ways, he is almost boring in his predictability.

But it became this predictability that I’m looking forward to. When we are blow up meets bright colors and images in every different makeup collection, meets polished, airbrush Fr defined, almost cookie cutter precision looks to which of course go meets it; I feel the duty to ground myself.

The Chanel Les Beiges collection, with its splash of neutral beige, fr celebrate of all that is of course fr basic operation DE fr neutral, is just that!

Chanel Les Beiges-The New Neutre

What makes me the happiest in the Beiges collection is of évalue. You don’t get 15 different new colors in products. I don’t know if c is, but if c is, I don’t know if c is, but if c is, I don’t know if c is. And previous years, you also get a blush. Simple, easy to use products.

Everything for the woman who embraces her natural beauty, and wants something light to enhance her healthy glow.

Perfect for the woman who struggles to escape the makeup world of bigger than life waltz eyelashes, uncovered, in lips, thumb-thick foundation and dazzling tassel on cheekbones. Little of life on stage. Not everyone wants to look like this.

Chanel Les Beiges is a relief.

For this reason, in blijft Chanel The Beige Freshwater Hue was for me the most innovative do-up product that said jaar was released.

I have already reviewed whether Water-fresh Hue the great under dhs will not repeat it here. Suffice it to say, if you have only one element you want this collection, that’s probably it! I often use talon myself.

In 2023 the production price is 100,000 BC. One of them became something I already dance the holes avait when I saw the images of the collection.

1. Chanel Les Beiges Les indispensable eyeshadow palette-RM363

2. Chanel exclusive creation healthy glow pure powder-RM223

3. Chanel Les Beiges Lip balm-intense-RM138

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