Beauty Crush Vichy Idealia Skin Care

You know that I am always looking for quality skin care products, so I was ready to put them to the test when a few items from the Vichy Idealia collection were sent to me.

It took me a while to get these products rolling because I had an established Routine that worked for me, but when I finally started incorporating them (one by one), I wasn’t disappointed!



This is currently my night cream. I live by this; swear it; and be sure to recommend it to anyone looking for a Super juicy moisturizing night cream that will leave your skin supple and radiant.

This thick, creamy moisturizer was initially intimidated overnight because I had combination skin, so I convinced myself that light skin moisturizers were the only thing that worked for me, but that was just crazy!

It’s about the quality and integrity of the products they use, and when I finally tested this, I was so pleased with the results. My skin is pink from the moment I apply it at night until the moment I wake up in the morning. And it lasts forever, because a small total is enough to completely stain your face, so it’s money well spent!


Specially designed for people suffering from Stress and fatigue, this serum was the initial product in this collection that I fell in love with so much that it can be used daily.

I was on maternity leave for a few weeks when I received samples from this line for review, so I was sleep deprived and didn’t feel 100% like myself, which can lead to discoloration, rashes and dullness. So it was the perfect addition to my skin care routine at the time.

It has a slightly heavier consistency and a mild fragrance that I had to adapt to because I don’t like scented skincare products.

However, it really gave my skin the boost it needed for hyperpigmentation. You should notice a difference in the appearance of your skin in just 8 days, and I can absolutely guarantee that I have made this awesome product and will continue to use it!


I haven’t really used the Idealia skin Peel, so I can’t really say that it’s a must-have in this collection. I still have a pretty full bottle to use, so I’m really interested to know if any of you have used it and if so, what do you think???

Overall, I am definitely counting on the Vichy Idealia night cream and the Radiance serum. I’m going to make sure my medicine cabinet is full of these products so I can keep my glow strong!

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